Fish Tales II

As the fishermen of Tofo Beach head out to sea in their wooden boats, just around the corner at firing Tofino Point,  the swell is small on this winter morning and the sea calm – perfect for the youngsters to venture out at this legendary spot for the first time. While they do that, three local fishermen appear on the beach. They too are keen to take advantage of the low tide and gentle conditions.

From my perch on the hillside I watch as they strategize and arrange their net.

Heading out onto the rocks they slip into the water with confidence and ease.

The lead pulls the net around the selected area,

while the ‘fish flapper’ swims, slapping the water with his arms and legs in an attempt to get the fish into a confused tis which will hopefully result in their capture.

Once the slapping and flapping is done the net is dragged ashore.

Slippery, silvery fish – shimmering in the net,

from which they are gathered and bagged for the trip back up the beach towards The Market.

Celebrating more of the Magic of Mozambique – Winter 2013

Fish Tales I

At the break of each day with the exception of Domingo,

the local fisherman of Tofo gather under the trees on the beach, where their colourful boats have rested for the night.

Traces are drawn while sustenance for the day ahead gets stacked away into the middle storage box that will hopefully be filled with fish on their return.

Most mornings are warm and as the light kicks in,

the boats head out with determined and confident crew.

By 2pm they begin to head back.  First in gets first access to The Market demand.

Without fancy equipment or fishfinders, these men fish with a knowing, handed down from father to son and developed over generations of doing,

Complimented with the rich bounty that is the Mozambique Coast Line.

Celebrating Early Mornings and Early Evenings on Tofo Beach – July 2013

(Talk in the village is that the record catch brought in on one of these boats was a 200kg Sailfish. I reckon the fish might have brought the boat in!)