A positive take on a charmed life in an amazing part of the world. MyBrightlife is about simple living in a small coastal village in South Africa – a nation of troubling contrasts and complexities or the Madiba rainbow painting of complimentary combinations – all depends on the headlines of the day which I try to ignore as much as possible. At times tiring and often very frustrating, living here grabs you by the proverbial balls and demands that you engage – which to me is the very essence of life. This blog explores the day-to-day that makes South African society so rich, along with other bits and pieces – family, community, adventure, travel and such, – of my truly bright life…..

So that is how this blog started out – but a couple of years down the line there seems to have been a slight shift in direction. It has become more  a record of us,our family and our personal adventures. Dreadfully weary of ‘the personal’ at first – I am now braver and have decided that if this blog is anything at all, it is a personal account of our lives simply for me – the Mom.

Chintsa Beach: Early Feb 2012 

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog, throughout the course of each entry, instills in me a sense of *calm*. I have not decided yet if it’s the pictures, or the way you speak, but the combination of the two is positively tranquilizing. So thank you, for being a slice of serenity in my life.

    • Wow. That is amazing. My life feels very untranquil a lot of the time! But posting helps me stay centred. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to learing more about you.

  2. I love the picture of the kids playing in the mud! I’m writing a blog post about letting kids get dirty and have fun. Can I please use your photo in my blog post?

    • Hi Jamie
      Thank you for asking. However I would prefer it if you didn’t use my picture – there are various reasons for this which I am sure you would appreciate if understood.
      Kind Regards –

  3. Gill — I’m disappointed you have ceased posting! Hope you’re doing well and may consider resuming the blog.

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