The Road to Tofo

From our home in Chintsa, past the early morning money changes at the Mozambique border and through the crushing traffic of Maputo to our first rest camp in Moz, requires two days of solid driving.

Money-changers at Kamatiport Border post.

As one heads North, the scenes change to the tropical and, exotic.

 blending into the influences of an East African trade history.

The road leads through the urban grind of rush hour in the Capital,

with staples of bread and fruit stockpiled along the road-side, ready to feed a nation…

who are rebuilding the ruins of a recent war-torn past.

The beauty of  finely featured women speak of time-ago when Northern trade routes brought separation, upheaval and strife into tradition life.

And as the road winds on it runs past stretches of coconut plantations, thought to be the largest on the planet running for hundreds of km’s….along the coast,

while the warm weather throws promises into the air….

of another way of living,

where somehow life feels slower yet fuller,

and the everyday,

can easily be seen as the extra-ordinary.

And life feels good,

Tofo Beach at Sunset

On Tofo Beach.

Celebrating another trip to Tofo – April / May 2013

The School Life of an Angel

“This is a school that is all about the kids”,says Lou, my Aussie friend who started African Angels after getting ‘lost’ in our little village while backpacking around the world in her early 30’s.

African Angels has just held its second Open Day and the school and students are shining like the brightest stars!

Nutritious porridge fills hungry tummies each morning on arrival,

and learning takes place in warm, bright and organised surrounds.

It is not an easy task, building and administrating a school from scratch, but the support roles in thick and strong. Local businesses, South African and International donors and volunteers from all over the world who operate through African Heartland Journey’s Volunteer Africa programme   in conjunction with local NPO, Friends of Chintsa, give, build, paint, dig, and at times teach – helping to grow the school along with the kids.

And the results are well worth the sweat and tears!

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”   –   Nelson Mandela

I have no doubt that Tata Madiba would approve of Angels School.

Congratulations Lou and your amazing team.

Celebrating The Second Open Day of African Angels Independent School. Chintsa, June 2013