A Useful Papa

Papas can be useful type creatures…

But some are more useful than others….The really useful ones are strong, like bionic robots – they lift you up and throw you right over their shoulder on a whim..

A Useful Papa is fun to have around…

like a giant goofy clown with batteries that recharge each morning at daybreak,

after just four cups of coffee.

Useful Papas are practical, like moving jungle gyms to be climbed on and from which the view is always better…

A Useful Papa is smart –  like an interactive ‘How To Do It’ manual. They always seem to manage to sort out the sticky bits,

or will happily show you how to turn on the power tools…

And useful Papas are adventurous, like some kind of cool movie person – and they always want you to do the adventurous stuff with them, even when you are still little and it feels a bit scary.

But that is just because Useful Papas have so much to share and they want to share it all with YOU!

A Useful Papa is good for pulling you up cliff faces.

They are good for shark viewing when you want to get right up close….

although Useful Papas are not always the best at remembering all the rules….

They are great for taking you on surf ski safaris,

or for giving you sailing lessons.

Useful Papas make patient teachers,

and helpful recovery agents.

They do crazy things like swim next to you in freezing cold mountain pools while you scream your lungs out, and they don’t even mind…

If you have a Useful Papa you never know what is going to happen next and sometimes things can get wild….

But Useful Papas also like to just hang out …

and sometimes they don’t say much… but you know that if you have a Useful Papa you have someone who will listen intently. And even though Useful Papas can be big, a bit rough and even furry – they are good at looking after you, great at looking out for you, wonderful to snuggle with and the best at holding you gently.

 We are lucky because we have a very Useful Papa.

 Celebrating Fathers Day – June 2015