Jeanie’s Boat

Sometimes the grandest of adventures are those we don’t plan.

Eric loves boats – and although we are yet to do the ‘boat part’ of our life, it is coming….

Meanwhile, boat opportunities are not passed up lightly.073

And so when an unexpected delay in Durban created an extra day to fill, we jumped onto Angra for a relaxed harbour cruise.

Angra Pequena hails from Namibia, where she was born in the early 60’s. She has lived a life of adventure.

In her youth she worked as a fisheries patrol vessel and spent time diamond hunting and more recently she has provided a platform for ground breaking Coelacanth research.

Durban Harbour is big and busy,

any day of the week.

Crafts of all shapes and sizes get on with the business of making things happen.


Moving stuff across oceans.

And yet, just beyond the walls,

in the shadow of the city-scape,

Durban City

and its Great Stadium,

a mother and her child,

 practise their moves.

 A stark reminder of Mother Nature  – a contrast against the striking concrete surrounds.


And then it was time to head back, the setting sun as our guide…

Angra Pequena will be based off the Mozambique Coast for a large part of this year. She operates as a research vessel and live aboard dive and adventure craft. She is owned and run by Marine Scientist, Dr Jean Harris (a.k.a.-  my sister-in-law, Jeanie.)

For more about this beautiful Craft and what she offers, go here: Angra.

Spring 2013 – Celebrating the joy of surprises.