Mozambique Calling II

Honey tanned Sarah

A couple of years ago we headed North on a Grand Adventure. (For my daughter Sarah’s take on the leaving process click here!

Little did we realise just how much we would fall in love with Mozambique but love it was and now finally we are off again just to check if it is all still there as we left it.

Time for a bit of this,

and this,

Eric surfing 'Torpedo' Point

and this,

and this,

and this.

So for the next little while life will be lite on the comms and heavy on the moment. Will be back when we return…….

Celebrating Family Adventures to be had – April 2013

Rich Kids

Warm up run

Steady rain throughout the Easter Weekend,challenged those of us spoilt by the amazing autumn weather that we have been having this year.

All over it!

However when one lives amid the poverty of an informal settlement like many of the kids of The Unstressed Surf School this level of rain can result in general unpleasantness, disorder and chaos.


But then yesterday, the last saturday of the Easter holidays, broke out balmy and bright –

The full wrap

a perfect autumn morning on Chintsa Beach.


Ready for a bit of sunshine  and with still wind and small waves the conditions were just right for a boat ride and perhaps a dolphin sighting or two.

Warm up yoga with Ash

THis isn’t the first time that the kids have been taken out on the boat and they are starting to become familiar with the wrap as their exposure to the sea and its vessels expands.

Girl TeamWhile teams of three went for a cruise,

Big Jump

others took to the surf,

Wave hunting

rounding off the morning,

Girls Back

with a spat of beach touch rudgy in true South African style.

Beach Touch

As Mike of AHJ, Surf School project co-ordinator and leader said to me this morning while reflecting on yesterday’s session – ‘It was a rich day for kids’. And indeed it was. It is good to be reminded that wealth comes in many disguises.

Celebrating Wealth – Easter Holidays in Chintsa April 2013