Mozambique Calling II

Honey tanned Sarah

A couple of years ago we headed North on a Grand Adventure. (For my daughter Sarah’s take on the leaving process click here!

Little did we realise just how much we would fall in love with Mozambique but love it was and now finally we are off again just to check if it is all still there as we left it.

Time for a bit of this,

and this,

Eric surfing 'Torpedo' Point

and this,

and this,

and this.

So for the next little while life will be lite on the comms and heavy on the moment. Will be back when we return…….

Celebrating Family Adventures to be had – April 2013

Saturday on Chintsa Beach

There was a time when my perfect Saturday was one spent in my restaurant kitchen prepping for the evening seating and the Sunday rush. Apron, knife, fresh veg and the weekend menu. Heaven.

Now that I am on a little restaurant break my Saturdays are spent on Chintsa Beach with family, friends and the kids of The Unstressed Surf School. A different kind of heaven, but heaven none-the-less.

 Chintsa Beach is different to the beaches that I spent most of my time on as a child. Chintsa Beach is just the right amount of wild.

 This beach is not tropical enough to draw a  regular crowd. It has no super-wave to be called a surfers paradise, nor provides enough man-made entertainment for the townies. So wild it remains. These benefits are well understood and we don’t complain. The peace and the sea-scape holds us.

Saturdays on Chintsa Beach come with regular surprises. Recently Tom The Clown honoured us with an ad hoc visit after his Saturday morning surf.

 He took the kids through their circus moves.

 Surfing requires balance and focus but sometimes it requires circus acts…

On any given Saturday, even now with the season’s change and the winter west blowing its chilling off-shore breeze – the locals are out.

Taking it in.

Seeping it up.

Making it their own.

Chintsa Beach, A Saturday in May, 2012 

Moonlighting Under The Acacia Tree

You  know you’re onto a good thing when your school teacher is also a REAL clown – especially if you happen to be five years old….The Acacia Tree Nursery School is a very good thing.Tom the Clown – a Spacial Dynamics Practioner, Waldorf Teacher and Funny Guy Extraordinaire, teaches the littlies at this local Waldof School. Last Saturday evening Tom’s Circus was in full swing.

The Acacia Tree Nursery School is situated on a hill-side, overlooking the sea and the surrounding Eastern Cape bush. It is hugged by lush veggie gardens and fun jungle gyms. A magical place run by magical people. Saturday’s Moonlight Market was a fundraiser for children unable to pay fees. The Market was a colourful and bright affair with bunting blowning in the evening  breeze and trees laden with dancing fairy lights setting the scene. Tom put away his mortarboard for his colourful bowler supported by a clown size bow-tie and his faithful right hand man – Thulani. Together, Tom, his team and the moms and dads put on a grand act with side shows of great coffee, delish pancakes and amazing mexican fare, fun, games and stories under the Acacia Tree. Another amazing example of Chintsa doing what it does best  – building a nation…