Lighting Up The Winter Blues

In the freezing cold of mid-winter in the village of Chintsa East along the African Shore, children gathered to celebrate.

The drizzle and low temperatures had not stopped them from stomping up the hill to the Country Club away from the shelter and protection of their humble homes, with paper lanterns clasped in their mittened hands.

Their beautiful teacher, Nokuphumla had lovingly helped craft 60 of these contraptions and after all the hard crafting the kiddy’s gulped down their mugs of warm, milky sweet tea as they anticipated nightfall.

On arrival of the darkness the grounds were lit up with lanterns and the bright eyes of their creators as they excitedly followed Tom the Clown onto the grounds to celebrate the longest night of the year with magic and song.

Celebrating the Longest Night of the Year – Chintsa East 21 June 2012