Cinnamon Island

Half way between Galle and Welligama along the southern coast of Sri Lanka lies a lake of islands.

On an afternoon of small swell and easterly winds sweet Kalana took a break from his Nokia and loaded us into his beloved tuk- tuk to brave the coastal highway traffic.

Passing colonial ruins, fishermen on poles, coconut groves and surf spots,

we arrive to a boatman waiting along the bank, in hope of trade. We provided him with his afternoon’s income and he provided us with a gentle ride across the expanse of water, past Temple Island, Spice Island and Bird Island,

to the docking point at Cinnamon Island.

If the mood takes, a fish pedicure is on offer at a makeshift cleaning station on a  raft floating at the waters edge. Declining we head up a clove- tree lined path to the shelter at the top, where the Island Keeper and his family live.

The welcome is hospitable and seating provided under the shelter of the homestead stoep with Cinnamon tea served as we await the demonstration. The Cinnamon Man’s smile is shy but firmly consensual when I ask if I may take pictures.

With the confidence of a showman that contradicts his shy demeanor he assures me that this is no problem. His photo has traveled far and wide…

I have no doubt it has…. tourists flow steadily through this lovely space over the seasonal months.

It is easy to understand why. The tea is delicious and the atmosphere  gently hypnotic.


Calmly we watch as The Cinnamon Man works his tools to remove one curled layer of cinnamon bark from a branch – to be dried in the sun.His wife smashes and sieves dried cinnamon out in front of us, leaving swirls of pungent and exotic aromas floating in the air, which we carry away with us as we head back down the path to the waters edge…….


First Quarter, 2016 – Celebrating the Spices of Life… Lanka Style!


Waves and Wonder

Packing up the books and heading out on an adventure is an integral part of our mission to ‘un-school’ our girls.

Serving a dual purpose, these escapades provide us with time out from the daily grind and feed our ‘experience bank’…..

Inevitably, we head for waves… ..Time constraints demand a certain amount of planning, but we try keep this to a minimal,

choosing rather to embrace the turns and twists along the path as the discovery process unfolds around us….

Travel of course is an educational experience in itself, opening the mind to different  ‘ways of being’ while providing clearer insight and understanding of ‘other’.

Keeping things simple enriches this process; opening doors to spaces and experiences that one might miss out on in a resort like setting with all the standard amenities…..

Sri Lanka contrasts starkly against our current island of residence.

Colorful saris, around free flowing, fleshy mid-drifts, replace deeply modest, monotone abayas. Lush green jungle replace desert dust – creeping along, covering everything in its path.


Sinhalese and spice curl off local tongues and roll into the thick , moist air……opulent in sensory offerings.


It took a moment to adjust to the chaos of the traffic on this teardrop Island.

Brightly painted buses tear along winding coastal roads, dicing tuk-tuks and scooters laden with surfboards and driven by inked youths living ‘travel-freedom’ like only twenty-something year old’s can….

Large, wild water monitors lurk in garden crevices under pungent, dripping orchids and the daily bread van drags one from an afternoon’s shaded siesta with its blaringly inappropriate rendition of  – ‘Santa is Coming To Town’, offering tantalizing delights – spicy and sweet.

The Sri Lanka we experienced also came with regular power cuts, water shortages and at times, exposed sewers underlined by a limited if not defunct refuse collection system. But at every turn the forgiving jungle creeps along, covering up…..


We made our way past rice paddies and water buffalo,

Buddhist temples and tea-plantations.

We explored ancient forts with cobble-stone streets where historic communities continue to honour the practices of their past behind decorative doors.

Lace makers, snake charmers and sun worshipers, cinnamon farmers and fisherman. Easy traveling with friendly, welcoming people,


and at every turn,


the jungle….the ocean….the jungle….the ocean….the jungle.

1st Quarter 2016 – Celebrating Family Travel Adventure and the Tropical Island of Sri Lanka, its Ocean, its Jungle like setting and its friendly people.



A Useful Papa

Papas can be useful type creatures…

But some are more useful than others….The really useful ones are strong, like bionic robots – they lift you up and throw you right over their shoulder on a whim..

A Useful Papa is fun to have around…

like a giant goofy clown with batteries that recharge each morning at daybreak,

after just four cups of coffee.

Useful Papas are practical, like moving jungle gyms to be climbed on and from which the view is always better…

A Useful Papa is smart –  like an interactive ‘How To Do It’ manual. They always seem to manage to sort out the sticky bits,

or will happily show you how to turn on the power tools…

And useful Papas are adventurous, like some kind of cool movie person – and they always want you to do the adventurous stuff with them, even when you are still little and it feels a bit scary.

But that is just because Useful Papas have so much to share and they want to share it all with YOU!

A Useful Papa is good for pulling you up cliff faces.

They are good for shark viewing when you want to get right up close….

although Useful Papas are not always the best at remembering all the rules….

They are great for taking you on surf ski safaris,

or for giving you sailing lessons.

Useful Papas make patient teachers,

and helpful recovery agents.

They do crazy things like swim next to you in freezing cold mountain pools while you scream your lungs out, and they don’t even mind…

If you have a Useful Papa you never know what is going to happen next and sometimes things can get wild….

But Useful Papas also like to just hang out …

and sometimes they don’t say much… but you know that if you have a Useful Papa you have someone who will listen intently. And even though Useful Papas can be big, a bit rough and even furry – they are good at looking after you, great at looking out for you, wonderful to snuggle with and the best at holding you gently.

 We are lucky because we have a very Useful Papa.

 Celebrating Fathers Day – June 2015