Middle Eastern High

People set up in strategic viewing spots along the roads,


was a fairly good indication that we were on the right track,


as we made our way towards the Sakhir Airbase to attend the Bahrain International Airshow.


The Bahrain leg of the International Grand Prix Circuit arrives early April on the Island.

Not being motor sport types, we haven’t taken advantage of the ‘Early Bird’ ticket sales yet…but perhaps we should –


because until recently we had not considered ourselves airshow types either…


The Airshow is a biennial event and one that we would not normally make an effort to attend, however living a more suburban life now without the sea on our doorstep demands new social challenges ….


A dramatic sun set bouncing off a desert setting created beautiful light, adding additional drama to an already charged atmosphere –


Quite Intense and even a bit emotional …


Teams from the Middle East and beyond participate in this stunning show.


British Aerobatic Champ, Mark Jeffries, Russian Knights flying Sukhoi Su-27’s,


The Twisters with their Twilight Pyrotechnic Display, UAE Al Fursan flying Aermacchi MB-3 39 NAT Jets,


Saudi Hawks flying their BAE Hawk MK 65’s,


and the Sarang Helicopter Display Team from India in modified HAL Dhruv Crafts .


Unclear at the time as to who or what exactly we were watching….. we were completely clear on the fact that it was all rather spectacular. IMG_9971

Celebrating Special Events in Unique Destinations – 2016 Bahrain International Air Show.  Late January 2016














2 thoughts on “Middle Eastern High

  1. What atmospheric photographs. Never been to an airshow either, always thought just watching aircraft scratch past would be rather boring (we tend to be bombarded here by low flying jets on training exercises), but your photos make it look really interesting – and colourful.

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