Cold Hands and Warm Hearts


Each year the children of Chintsa gather together to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Local teachers help little hands to craft colourful lanterns and these are lit as the moon begins to rise.

Together, lanterns as a guide – they walk around the park together singing into the starry sky.


A simple celebration led by soulful folk with warm hearts.


An experience lacking in hype but running deep in richness and meaning.

A celebration of simple blessings – the passing of time, candle light, children’s voices, crisp winter air….

and togetherness.

Celebrating Chilly Winter Nights and Children together Under an African Sky. Chintsa: June 2014



12 thoughts on “Cold Hands and Warm Hearts

    • I chuckle each year when you start digging up your gardens in prep for the summer just as we start buckling down for the winter. Although we are having the strangest of winters this year with lots and lots of windy hot dry days with cold nights. Beginning to feel more like desert weather rather than coastal weather!

  1. Wow, I think that last glowing group photo is one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen. I’m fond of winter solstice because I know that it’s going to get lighter and warmer from then on, and although it’s cold the season has its own merits; glowing candles, warm foods, enjoyable walks, crisp mornings… 🙂

    • I am very much a summer person. The cold does very little – read, ‘nothing’, for me. But this particular event does help keep me calm through the winter storm. We should be heading north in a bit over the worst of it and that always makes a difference! The weather patterns do seem to be changing though our side.

  2. Lovely pictures, sweet children. Interesting that you celebrate the winter solstice; it goes by unnoticed where I’m from, like so many things of substance…and thanks for posting; you made me feel better about my own lack of output. Now what am I supposed to do?!

    • I have a brief window to do some major catch up – 6 months of blogging…ain’t gonna happen. (That’s my Americanees – not bad hey?!!) Have decided that there is no point in stressing about not getting to my blog because all that leads to is stress and no blogging! Am simply finding that schooling the kids as they get older, extra murals and the odd bit of exercise is about as much as I can cram into the day…but I am going to keep trying…without stressing. Good to hear from you as always Struggler! Hope life is good your side. BTW Winter Solstice celebrations are certainly not traditionally celebrated in our part of Africa – (certainly they were celebrated up North when I lived in Iceland ) but it has provided a good excuse to gather and build lanterns and sing songs…which is quite cool.

  3. I like the solstices, it’s nice to mark the year by more than just turning a page in a calendar. And already we’ve noticed it’s darker in the mornings. Soon be autumn and we should get a slight change in the weather. Warm and humid here right now in mid summer.

  4. Such gorgeous photos, heart warming as well as — I am sure — hand warming. Different colors of children, same radiant light.
    Christmas here overshadows any kind of real Solstice celebration. Thank you for showing us such a beautiful happening.

    • This is such a little celebration and not a cultural one at all for us but it has been incorporated in such a lovely way and has crept into our hearts. Thanks for reading!

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