The Road to Tofo

From our home in Chintsa, past the early morning money changes at the Mozambique border and through the crushing traffic of Maputo to our first rest camp in Moz, requires two days of solid driving.

Money-changers at Kamatiport Border post.

As one heads North, the scenes change to the tropical and, exotic.

 blending into the influences of an East African trade history.

The road leads through the urban grind of rush hour in the Capital,

with staples of bread and fruit stockpiled along the road-side, ready to feed a nation…

who are rebuilding the ruins of a recent war-torn past.

The beauty of  finely featured women speak of time-ago when Northern trade routes brought separation, upheaval and strife into tradition life.

And as the road winds on it runs past stretches of coconut plantations, thought to be the largest on the planet running for hundreds of km’s….along the coast,

while the warm weather throws promises into the air….

of another way of living,

where somehow life feels slower yet fuller,

and the everyday,

can easily be seen as the extra-ordinary.

And life feels good,

Tofo Beach at Sunset

On Tofo Beach.

Celebrating another trip to Tofo – April / May 2013

17 thoughts on “The Road to Tofo

  1. Drat You Gill, -I was just going to write a paragraph of my “book” when you trapped me into your magical story/ies . . You are an all round artist and communicator – never stop – and please always keep me in the loop gaga _____

  2. Your photos and words paint a wonderful picture. I love the journey, the colour, the people and the culture against the backdrop of urban and natural scenery. I was inhaling as I read, trying to complete the experience using as many senses as possible 🙂

  3. Your photos are fabulous and so evocative – I loved this post. I fell in love with Mozambique too, when I spent some weeks there years ago in the midst of its war-torn period. Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you Karen. We are trying to take regular trips into Moz and establish a bit of a base from which to explore further North. It has been really good for us to explore a bit of Africa out-side of South Africa, on so many levels.

  4. Mozambique — hardly more than a word to me! But your wonderful photo essay brings it to life. What an adventurous life for you all, and all because you step out to make and meet challenge. Congratulations.

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  6. Your photos match your thought-provoking words.What jumped out at me were the following words and the accompanying picture.

    “and the everyday…………………can easily be seen as the extra-ordinary.”

    If this be a perspective shift, what could we do to achieve this?


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