The School Life of an Angel

“This is a school that is all about the kids”,says Lou, my Aussie friend who started African Angels after getting ‘lost’ in our little village while backpacking around the world in her early 30’s.

African Angels has just held its second Open Day and the school and students are shining like the brightest stars!

Nutritious porridge fills hungry tummies each morning on arrival,

and learning takes place in warm, bright and organised surrounds.

It is not an easy task, building and administrating a school from scratch, but the support roles in thick and strong. Local businesses, South African and International donors and volunteers from all over the world who operate through African Heartland Journey’s Volunteer Africa programme   in conjunction with local NPO, Friends of Chintsa, give, build, paint, dig, and at times teach – helping to grow the school along with the kids.

And the results are well worth the sweat and tears!

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”   –   Nelson Mandela

I have no doubt that Tata Madiba would approve of Angels School.

Congratulations Lou and your amazing team.

Celebrating The Second Open Day of African Angels Independent School. Chintsa, June 2013


17 thoughts on “The School Life of an Angel

  1. Thank you Gill for taking the time to blog about the open day, but mostly for your unwavering support of the Angels, their (amazing) teachers, and for being my sounding board time after time after time.

  2. This makes me feel quite ashamed at the way some people treat education here. These kids and their families will have a brighter future because of the opportunity to attend school. And the futures of our communities and our countries depend on education.

    • True words spoken. The need for better education in our country is HUGE! Lou is doing such good work. Although the over-all picture feels dismal at times there are sparks of hope all over the country where people are getting stuck in at a personal level and kids are learning. Thanks for reading and your comment!

  3. Gorgeous. It is so nice to hear of good things being done – the school looks so neat, well equipped and bright, and the kids happy and self possessed… evidence that the stakeholders are doing a fabulous job 🙂

    • Thanks EllaDee, appreciate the comments – always! The school is a happy space which I suspect the kids, who come from complex backgrounds find containing and safe which leads back to happiness and so it goes and somewhere in that mix are the stakeholders who see results from their efforts which must be hugely rewarding. Win / win. It is a special place.

  4. What a great round-up of the day and what a stunning school it is. It’s so good to see the kids have a safe space to learn in and to see them getting the care and attention that they need every day. Thanks for writing and here’s to another year of painting, digging, building and teaching 🙂

  5. I remember the last post you did about the school. Is it really so long ago? Amazing to see such young children on computers too. It’s a great achievement. And they look happy too! I’m sure I never looked happy at school.

    • It was the end of last year, Time does fly. This school is a refuge for many of them which may be one of the reasons for the big smiles. Lou, the person that established the school is a good friend and we have spent many an evening wading through the in’s and out’s and complexities of it all, so it has become a project close to my heart. Thanks for reading.

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