With ‘The Best Papie in the World’ working far away for the larger part of the past six months, we have had to make the most of his brief and precious visits home. Shortly after he arrived home recently, summer, in a celebratory mood, embraced the day.


And so we did what we do best together – PLAY! The dolphins joined in.


Two and a half weeks of warmth and fun.


Memories to carry us through Christmas until we are together again in the new year for more family adventure.


Celebrating Togetherness: Chintsa – November 2012


4 thoughts on “Play-Time

    • The guys that look like they are on stilts were out on their SUP’s (Stand up paddle boards). These are large surf-board like crafts with a paddle that are used for wave riding and are fun on small swell days like the one in the pic. SUP’s are great fun and also give you an amazing core workout while fine tuning your balance. They are great for rivers too. Slow birdwatching cruisers at twilight…

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