“Up In The Sky”

Eric started flying shortly after I fell pregnant with Sarah. Seven months on, I felt the pull of a power-kite for the first time and went bouncing along the beach on my belly…luckily we all came out of it intact. Not one of my smarter moves, but then hopefully one learns from the knocks….

Our baba arrived safe and sound and from very little, spent time wrapped in my arms, sheltered in alcoves along the beach, watching Papa learn to jump. He became quite good and jumped extremely high.

One of her first sentences was, ‘Papa, up in the sky!’  repeated each morning at first glimpse of the ocean.

Now Sarah is tall and strong,

and beginning to give kiting a whirl herself.

And I suspect it won’t be long till she,

like her Papa is also spending time ‘up in the sky!’

Kiting with Sarah and Leah – Chintsa Beach, September 2012


10 thoughts on ““Up In The Sky”

    • Thanks! Pacing the adventure sport intro’s with young kids is a challenge. But we do what we can to offer them access to the activities that make us happy. The other challenge is letting go if they don’t bite and allowing them to find their own paths too. Our girls seem quite adventurous though so hopefully in the not too distant future we will beable to do alot of these types of activities as a group.

    • Best sport in the world – and totally addictive! When you get good enough, you learn to ‘float’ down – an incredible feeling. But yes, certainly a few knocks along the way till one gets to that point.

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