River Crossing III

Celebrating the Changing Face of South Africa – Scottburgh Beach – July 2012


8 thoughts on “River Crossing III

    • There are so many stories. This scene invoked a multitude of emotions in me and yet when I sat down to write I couldn’t find the words. I think that South African’s will see the words behind the picture more clearly but you of course have sensed it too as I thought you might. Thanks for that! We live is such a complex society down here, but then that is life really, isn’t it, no matter where you are.

    • Thanks. There was so much to say about this story that I couldn’t find the words, nor could I move on to other posts till I had blogged it! This Country is so complex and yet so amazing and the changes that we see around us are incredible. For example: Imagine the heading in apartheid South Africa – ‘Black Life-guard helps rescue poor -white’. Couldn’t happen. But you had to obviously be living in that time to appreciate the changes that we see now and the everyday engagements that our kids take (and should take) for granted. That is just one small example of the many parts of this particular story…

      • Apartheid is outside of my conception – as an adult.

        My parents brought me up with their racist views, but eventually I grew up.

        Truth is, I saw your post and read your words and noticed no skin colour. Just someone helping someone else.

  1. Which is yet another part of the story! Never mind the fact that swimming had been banned because the heavy rain had caused the rivers to come down with high sewage content from flooded sewage sites higher up stream. Didn’t seem to bother this old man though. He was going to cross, come hell or high water or e-coli infection…There was just so much going in in that moment (mostly in my head though, I suspect;)

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