Street Urchins Transform into Mime Artists,

While A Multitude of Colours Colaborate,

To Tell Stories,

To Move and Sweat to the Beat,

Of Wanna-be Cow Boys with Beautiful Back-Up,

And the Gyrating Swing,

 Of the Sisters of Africa,

Blending Together with Sticky Sweetness,

And Bungy Fashionware,

To Create Festival Fairies.

Grahamstown – July 2012 National Arts Festival – Never Miss A Beat!


18 thoughts on “Festival

  1. Quite a festival! The colors alone — let alone all those diverse living creatures who bear the colors so proudly —
    You live in a fascinating corner of the world, don’t you!!!!!

    • Thanks Terry. Was just thinking about you this am. Did you get to the Festival this year? We have missed one in the last 10 years – last year when we were in Moz-. The kids wait in anticipation all year for Festival Time to come around. We just love every moment of it.

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