Lighting Up The Winter Blues

In the freezing cold of mid-winter in the village of Chintsa East along the African Shore, children gathered to celebrate.

The drizzle and low temperatures had not stopped them from stomping up the hill to the Country Club away from the shelter and protection of their humble homes, with paper lanterns clasped in their mittened hands.

Their beautiful teacher, Nokuphumla had lovingly helped craft 60 of these contraptions and after all the hard crafting the kiddy’s gulped down their mugs of warm, milky sweet tea as they anticipated nightfall.

On arrival of the darkness the grounds were lit up with lanterns and the bright eyes of their creators as they excitedly followed Tom the Clown onto the grounds to celebrate the longest night of the year with magic and song.

Celebrating the Longest Night of the Year – Chintsa East 21 June 2012


17 thoughts on “Lighting Up The Winter Blues

  1. What beautiful children. It’s funny to read this: right now the temperature is a sweltering 91 degrees Fahrenheit and we haven’t had a lick of rain in months. How we all live in one world, but how different it is, too.

    • I thought about you guys when I wrote this, jumping into random swimming pools and dragging each other around creeks. That was us 6 months ago of course. I take heat over cold anyday!

    • From early in the evening till late in the early morning – or in otherwords, no idea – but long. Will have to google it! Not as long as those that I have experienced in the Northern Hemisphere though, just feels hectic here because we are so spoilt with beautiful weather most of the year and I am a big baby when it comes to the cold!

  2. How lovely to celebrate the longest night. Don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where that has been done. I do remember making paper lanterns at school though – had totally forgotten until I read your post – but they were nothing like those. Very atmospheric photos.

    • Was a first for me too. Apparently they did it last year but I missed it. Was hanging out in the warmer climate of Mozambique. Funny how different posts spark old memories. Thanks for your comment. Always appreciated.

  3. Interesting to be reminded of the wonder of children, through their wide eyes. A great idea to celebrate the longest night, and done so rarely, I think. I’ve never heard of it being done before. I’m accustomed to Australia being opposite to us, but I didn’t realize you were too.
    Today it’s 98 degrees F. with high humidity and it’s obnoxious!

    • I know! The heat stories are flying in from your side of the woods. Such a fun contrast, and in this miserable weather we need all the fun we can get. In our area it never even frosts over and to find snow we have to travel up into the mountains and even then is is fairly rare – so we don’t really have anything to complain about – just so spoilt most of the year round that these few cooler months take a bit of getting used to! Kids are so cool.

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