A Good Man

Shortly after our rather ‘out of the blue’ marriage, sixteen years back, I remember thinking to myself in a haze of disbelief, “how crazy is that, you got to marry Eric”.

While he is not the only man I have ever had strong feelings for, I don’t believe it would ever have been quite as good with another.

As high-school friends and then young adults living our lives in different parts of the world, he was the one I longed to ‘bump into’.  He was the one I asked after. The one I wanted to know more about – he was always the one.  If our paths hadn’t crossed again, I suspect I would still be wondering……..

And when we did meet up again years later he rocked my world and I knew without a doubt that I didn’t want to be anywhere else but where he was.

And when we had to separate for six months after our brief encounter, due to work commitments, his beautiful, consistent and loving, hand written letters continued to assure me of what I already knew.

I had always known him to be gentle, strong, brave and deeply intelligent……but I didn’t realise the extent to which he would be the incredible Dad and selfless partner that he is. I just didn’t think about it, but now I know.

Due to his work we don’t always get to be together on anniversary days, but we are fast mastering the art of ‘catch up celebration’ and have a deep understand of the term ‘grab the moment’ – not the most efficient way to stockpile financial security, but we do hold honorary degrees in our capacity to justify a fun time, if that counts for anything!

One thing I known though without doubt is that when I am with him, I am home, and there is no other place I would rather be – and in him I have found a good man.

13 July 2012 – Sixteen Years

17 thoughts on “A Good Man

  1. That first photo tells all. There is a quote by the much quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson “Love, and you shall be loved”. I’m so happy for you 🙂

  2. Congratulations. And as EllaDee says that first photo is wonderful. How lovely of you to share your happiness with us. If I was soppy I would say it brought a tear to my eye, but I’m not 😉

  3. This just melted my heart. I’m so glad to see another testimony to my belief that ultimately Love Wins. Good for both of you for sixteen years of self sacrifice, dedication, and ultimately, happiness.

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