Saturday on Chintsa Beach

There was a time when my perfect Saturday was one spent in my restaurant kitchen prepping for the evening seating and the Sunday rush. Apron, knife, fresh veg and the weekend menu. Heaven.

Now that I am on a little restaurant break my Saturdays are spent on Chintsa Beach with family, friends and the kids of The Unstressed Surf School. A different kind of heaven, but heaven none-the-less.

 Chintsa Beach is different to the beaches that I spent most of my time on as a child. Chintsa Beach is just the right amount of wild.

 This beach is not tropical enough to draw a  regular crowd. It has no super-wave to be called a surfers paradise, nor provides enough man-made entertainment for the townies. So wild it remains. These benefits are well understood and we don’t complain. The peace and the sea-scape holds us.

Saturdays on Chintsa Beach come with regular surprises. Recently Tom The Clown honoured us with an ad hoc visit after his Saturday morning surf.

 He took the kids through their circus moves.

 Surfing requires balance and focus but sometimes it requires circus acts…

On any given Saturday, even now with the season’s change and the winter west blowing its chilling off-shore breeze – the locals are out.

Taking it in.

Seeping it up.

Making it their own.

Chintsa Beach, A Saturday in May, 2012 


19 thoughts on “Saturday on Chintsa Beach

  1. Regular Chintsa Circus ….. clowns, dogs, horses, human pyramids, oversized fishermen, babies and a dreadlock surfer about to take on some Hawaiin size surf.

  2. These photos made me smile and I could feel my heart open and my whole body relax. Thank you for the beautiful share! I think I would love this beach!

    • You should pop out and be the ring-leader sometime. Perhaps do one of your famous beach treasure hunts with the kids. Sure they would love that. After your trip to Swaziland?

  3. You know what is interesting about this post, is that even more than the beauty of the location, what really comes across is a feeling of happiness and friendliness. The feelings that money can’t buy. Some great photos there, my favourite is probably the person with white hair walking towards the sea – enjoying life at whatever age.

    • This area of ours is interesting. There is a strong investment in community driven by those of us who’s values tend towards tree-hugging and ‘money can’t buy you love’. At times there are clashes with local developers, deeply invested in the area for different reasons – although they also want to live here for the lovely environment – but are not always (some of us feel) keeping the bigger picture in mind – nor investing in community. (Our bigger picture). Not a new story. Things can get emotional though….but in general our community as a whole is a healthy and happy one. Your investment in local is something that I have noticed in your work – the neighbour, the poet..Thanks for the comment.

  4. Man, your family is blessed as well! Serenity is close by for you. I’d forgotten that it’s winter on the other end of the world, though like we in Tucson, “winter” would seem a relative term. No matter; beautiful, serene and obviously a happy place. How far is that beach from your home?

    • The beach is a 5 min walk away. It is incredibly beautiful here but recent engagements on our part to keep it as such have resulted in huge headaches, nasty legal threats and conflict within our community. Small guy verses big money – that age old tale….. Been a bit distracting and sad as we try to hold onto what we consider to be an amazing heritage for our kids. Anyway, things may be settling down again and i will be able to engage with other aspects of my life better like the cool blogs that I follow. Thanks for your comments!

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