Lucky Star

Grandpa likes to get around. Many places are close to his heart, but Gubu Trout Dam wins hands-down as his ‘happy place’.

When he can, he packs up and heads off for a few days of fishing and chilling. Sometimes if we’re lucky we find a gap and tag along.

Time with Grandpa is time well spent. There is always something going on. You can join in or not, he doesn’t mind. He is just doing his thing. But choose to get involved and you are always made welcome.

Time at Gubu means a chance to capture the sunrise. Do we ever do enough of that?

Cliff jumping is one of Grandpa’s favourite Gubu pass-times so he shows us how.

And come nightfall, he hands the art of fire-making down to future generations.

No matter how freezing the autumn temperatures, Grandpa is always up for a swim. He’s one tough old guy.

Time with Grandpa makes you feel alive. It is a bit like being born under a lucky star….

Gubu Dam – Stutterheim, Eastern Cape May 2012

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10 thoughts on “Lucky Star

    • Thanks Judith. My Dad has been a preacher and teacher all his life so he has spent a lot of tiime ‘engaging’ with life. He taught me from an early age that life is to short to sit around and wait for things to get better / bet bigger / get more, and that what we have is here and now. To make the most of each moment. Lucky me!

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