Transkei Daze

Arriving at our favourite spot along the Transkei Coast on a bright, summer’s day – (Read more about the incredible Transkei here) –  in search of wind, waves and wonder, we encountered this beautiful scene….

Three herdboys on their horses,

cooling themselves and their beasties down, as they played in the waves together.

A quick game of footie on the beach to help dry off,

and they were gone.

Magical Transkei Trip – March 2012 


14 thoughts on “Transkei Daze

    • Last time I checked neither of us were spending much time in the rat race – thank goodness. A Transkei trip should definitely be on the books for the near future though – just to make sure we keep the rats at bay.:)

  1. Dear Harris,
    I am back to enjoy the wind and wave along Transkei Coast.
    I can even smell the salty air.
    The herdboys remind me of riding on the horse in an Australia grange.
    I like horse riding, definitely. in the sea? never try it. but I would like to.

    Sorry for diving for a while, maybe longer.
    I had been busy working , training and resting, and will last for few months.
    Too many dreams to fullfill and too many beautiful things to explore,
    All I need is TIME, but I will keep following you!!!!

    • It was so amazing Kate. A few days later we were back on the same beach and about six young boys between the ages of 6 – 10 came onto the beach with a herd of donkeys including new-borns. They were trying to ride and race the bigger ones in the herd but the donkeys were having none of it! My camera battery was flat. so I sat with my daughter and we watched and giggled and I tried to remind myself to enjoy the moment insead of commiserating over the lost photo op. Just another reason to go back again soon I guess.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my German post. I love your various Africa pictures. I’ve been to Ghana twice but never South Africa. I hope to visit someday.

    • It has been so interesting following your blog Will. I am about to blog a post that relates back to Shiloh where I first met you. You guys should def pop down sometime for a visit. Bring your folks with! Look forward to updates from Europe in the near future. Good luck!

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