Go Fish! Mozambique Calling…

While swimming in pools of water left behind by the backing tide at Pomene –  Mozambique, we noticed large patches of darkness contrasted against the crystal clear water. Thinking these were a type of sea-weed we ventured closer and as we did so the patches moved on – millions and billions of tiny fish. Not long after, a little white box vessel came along crewed by three Mozambique fishermen, on the hunt. Further along the beach later in the day, amid the  pansy shells and coral stones we noticed large areas of sand marked off with sticks and small glass Coke-a-Cola bottles. On the sand lay millions of tiny fish drying in the sun, bringing to mind mopani worms and other tiny packets of protein that sustain people all over Africa and the world.

It is starting to feel like time for a bit more Mozambique….

Pomene, Mozambique July 2011 


10 thoughts on “Go Fish! Mozambique Calling…

  1. Did you stay in Pomene Lodge?
    It must be spectacular to see millions and billions of tiny fish moving on.
    Maybe the little dried fish had nourished my bones.
    I just didn’ t know they came from Mozambique, ha..

    • Hi Sonnyironman. Thx for commenting. I hope you have recovered from your race!
      To answer your question:- Yes. We stayed at Pomene Lodge. It is an amazing place. It is very isolated and was quiet when we were there as we went out of the tourist season. I think we may have been the only guests so it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Our cottage was right on the point with the beach right infront of us and the estuary behind us whichhas mantees, flamingoes and an abundance of wild-life. heaven on earth for nature lovers!

      • Today, when I was jogging around the park surrounded by camphor trees, the cherry blossoms were blooming.
        I really appreciate that I can start a day like this.
        Have a nice day!

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