Sarah’s Pancakes and Coffee

When Sarah suggested she sell pancakes and coffee from a beach stall over the holiday season in order to earn a bit of holi-loli our hearts melted at her entrepreneurial spirit. While our hearts melted though, it would seem as if our brains froze. It must have been a defense mechanism because as Tom the Clown says,”if we thought through much of anything, we would do nothing”…wise words. For the next 15 days there would be no more early morning beach conditions checks, leisurely tea and rusks in bed or for that matter any other ‘morning rise’ unless it involved frantic dawn wake-ups, batter mixing, car packing, tent pitching or coffee brewing for the 7am start-up, targeting the dog walkers and dad’s on dawn patrol.

In retrospect there could be worse things than drinking your daughter’s fresh filter coffee on the beach each morning before the heat set in even if it was a killer to get it there, an activity which encouraged Sarah to engage with the concept of stock control. We do drink far too much coffee. All in all a successful  project:- We are still married, Sarah made a bit of cash and Home-Schooling Business 101 is a wrap. Think I’ll take the term off.

Chintsa Beach Eastern Cape South Africa – December 2011 


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