Ho ho ho…

Ten years ago, just before Sarah was born, we put up our first Christmas tree. It was a beautiful creation. A minimalist twig interpretation brightened with strategically placed tiny fairy lights,(that didn’t flash, come in multiple colours or play music). A neo-afro designer’s delight. Stylish seasonal home decor that yelled out, “married without kids!”

Ten years on and our christmas trees are still fallen alien twig branches gathered in the area a few days before christmas, and dragged home by the prancing elves giggling and singing merrily while pointing out the in’s and out’s of the activity to any curious passer-by who will lend an ear. There is no longer a minimalistic edge to these creations. Each year the girls make a new decoration to add to the hodge -podge of christmas type paraphernalia gathered over the seasons. The lights are brightly coloured and they flash wildly.

These trees are far removed from our first stylie creation all those years back…. but to my bright eyes more beautiful by far!

Christmas in Chintsa – Dec 2011


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