Surf Legends

Chintsa is not a place of legendary waves, but it is home to legendary surfers. Dudes with Slater size personalities  (if not form), leaving their mark on the Chintsa sands of time. Young beautiful instructor types through to the salty old sea dogs, each add their trait, making Chintsa home to a welcoming and warm surf community. And now dusty feet from the dirt roads that run through the local village carry the next generation of surf legends to the beach. Young, restless and sometimes hungry these youngsters are chasing the back-line and redefining surfing in Chintsa. Standing on the shoulders of the giants who guide and challenge them, they head further and further out…breaking through crashing waves and cultural stereotypes, contesting the imbalance in the waters of South Africa. These are the kids of the Unstressed Surf School – the future legends of Chintsa.


Chintsa Beach – October 2011 Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Unstressed Surf School


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