The Mother Load

Babies, warm weather, and a more frequent east wind announce the arrival of spring to Chintsa. The beach fills up with sun-worshipers, volleyball players, kitesurfers, lovers, waders and dog-walkers. The sand fills up with nests of plover eggs protected only by their camouflage. If lucky to survive to term these eggs produce fluffy, gangly babies that look like steroid driven kindergarten pom-pom projects with extremely long legs and beak attached.

The children found this wet and bedraggled little fellow near the dunes. After a bit of R&R in an old cardboard box tenderly lined with shredded loo paper, and a scrumptuous fish paste lunch he made a full recovery and was ready to go back to Mama.




Tread lightly when treading on a spring beach…

Chintsa Beach – Late October (Spring) 2011


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