Sunday on Scottburgh Beach

Scottburgh Main Beach along the Natal Coast is South Africa’s answer to New York’s Coney Island or Britian’s Brighton. A corny combination of seaside, sand, swirly soft-serve ice-cream, hotdogs,water-slides and vintage style beach pools…with sloping lawns to boot.

For family fun or just a good solid dose of people watching nothing beats a day on this beach. Although brass bands, colourful merry-go-rounds, candy stripped gents and ladies with lace-trimmed parasols have been replaced with bikini’s, tatoo’s and even a Wimpy, on any given Sunday seeping up the folk, faces and atmosphere is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

Scottburgh Main Beach – Early September 2011


5 thoughts on “Sunday on Scottburgh Beach

  1. These are great pictures of a great holiday – or “Sunday”- spot. There really does seem like there is so much to do at Scottburgh Main Beach – so wonderfully portrayed in all your photos.

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