Swazi Stop-Over

A Swaziland stopover brings relief when travelling South from Mozambique. Providing just the right balance between comfort, value and entertainment, Nisela is a good option. It is a ‘soft reserve’ venue offering abundant natural beauty and wild-life with options to self drive, cycle or walk. The restaurant facility overlooks a small lake, home to great bird life and crocs who are free to roam.

Accommodation ranges from camping through to chalets with the option of staying in a traditional Swazi Beehive Hut – not for those who have trouble bending down as access is through a little door that would fit perfectly into a Beatrice Potter Story.

Out walking one is warned not to wander too far off the beaten track because although the big 5 are not on offer at this facility there are a few sizable hyenas around, known to be a bit unwelcoming at times. It’s interesting weighing up Hyena Risk against the need to get closer to a Black Winged Kite that begs to be photographed…

The pair of teen giraffes are particularly curious and obliging when it comes to photographic opportunities and if you have a spare R12,500 or the equivalent in Moz Mets or Swazi Dollars and a shot-gun you are welcome to take one out. Go figure that one out…

Owls fly around in the night, woodpeckers provide a morning wake-up call and this time we managed to avoid stepping on any crocodiles.

Nisela Reserve and Lodge, Swaziland – July 2011


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