River Crossing

The Chintsa Lagoon has been closed for sometime now but with recent heavy rainfall it flushed itself out into the sea.  At the moment it is tidal, with a trickle running at low-tide and a river flowing at high. This  causes complications for folk using the beach as a short cut home after a long day’s work. A few years back when it was flowing with strength we helped mothers with babies on their backs, wade across, watched labourers strip down to their undies and take on the flow, cloths held high above their heads and saw couples of all ages piggy-back each other. In the flurry cell phones were dropped and keys consumed by the sea. Amid all of this children on boogie boards dodged the river pedestrians, taking advantage of the current, as it pushed them along. These brightly clad women heading home in the early evening had timed the tidal flow well.  Although I suspect  that they have had many other rivers to cross in their time.

Chintsa East Beach, early evening on a Saturday in July 2011


3 thoughts on “River Crossing

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  2. Beautiful. After reading the second river crossing entry, I was so curious to read the first. What a wonderful (and gorgeous) world we live in.

    • Thanks Mimi. These ladies express features fairly unique to the Xhosa folk who are historically form this area of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, so anyone who comes from here would be able to recognise them as being ‘folk from home’, which is what really makes the pictures so special to me. The actual river crossings, now that is just a whole different movie!

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